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Sussex Racing is the Formula Student team representing the University of Sussex for the
2024 IMechE Formula Student UK competition.
Our team consists of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering students. Driven by innovation and passion we design, fund, and build a small Formula style racing car. Working closely with our team partners we hope to bring in new innovative parts to improve the overall performance of the car and lift us up the rankings. Our motivated team will be working to complete this project alongside finishing their degree.

We are looking forward to announcing the all-electric SR24 in the coming months.

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Formula Student is an annual competition run by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), and is Europe’s most established educational motor sport competion.  


Held each July at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix, Formula Student attracts over 100 university teams from all over the world. The Competition entails the design, business proposal and build of the single seat race car ranked by Industry Experts Judges against all the university teams.


With over 10,000 spectators and students from 30+ countries, this is a great opportunities for companies to promote their brand and attract the top engineering students via sponsorships with teams. 

Our Philosophy

To leave a legacy of quality processes and business principles, creating the foundation
to further improve the performance and engineering standard of the Sussex Racing team.
​To apply our skills into real world engineering project work, and to grow an exceptional
business ethos to have the most cohesive design and successful season in our Sussex Racing history.



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The SR23 was our second attempt at building an electric vehicle. 

Photo by_Malcolm Tam,,, File--8400.jpg


The SR22 was our first attempt at building an electric vehicle. While the car was unable to run at the event the team placed 30th overall in the UK. 

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The SR21 has been our most successful car to date. Finishing in 15th overall (out of 70
teams), this car consistently pushed boundaries and defied expectation. One area of
noteworthy success was our podium positioned 2nd place in the business project.



Due to Covid-19, the Formula Student event was held virtually. SR20 still managed to achieve an 8th place finish for the business event during the difficult period. Overall the team placed 26th out of 66 teams, giving us our 2nd best finish in our history.

Photo by~Malcolm Tam,,, File--8462.jpg


SR19 finished 40th overall and 26th in the UK, despite facing an exhaust problem during the end of the endurance event.



SR18 is the highest finishing Sussex Racing team to date, finishing 22nd overall and 13th in the UK out 81 teams.



SR17 finished 40th overall and 25th in the UK, despite unforeseen circumstances that prevented them from passing the scrutineering brake test.



SR16 team placed 1st worldwide for the static business event, finishing 43rd overall and an impressive 9th in the UK. 

Photo by Malcolm Tam - malcolta_hotmail.


SR15 is the third highest finishing team to date. They finished a proud 28th overall out of an 135 teams worldwide.

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