Our Team

Made up of motivated masters' students, working extremely hard as a team to design the best performing Mobil 1 Sussex Racing car to date.

Meet The Team

Maddie Hudson

Digital Content Producer

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Keith Summers

Team Leader

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Oli Wilson

Chief Engineer

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Thavushaan Thayalan

Commercial Director & Chassis Integration Leader

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Frank Adams

Head of Body & Aerodynamics

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Johann Vormadal

Head of Chassis & Suspension

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Ivan Galkin

Head of Power & Drivetrain

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Will Atkinson-Brown

Head of Integrated Systems

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Ivan Reed

Vehicle Dynamics Leader

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Josh Wheeler

Powertrain Leader

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Lucy Uffindell-Saunderson

Head of Purchasing

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Sean-Michael Vernon

Head of Internal Comms & Logistics

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Jack Dilley

Head of Public Relations

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Philip Bodkin

Head of Compliance

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Josh Flack

Engine Testing Leader

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Connor Reid

Rear Uprights & Hub Assembly

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Sussex Racing Garage, John Clifford West Building, University of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9QT

Proudly supported by the University of Sussex