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Our team structure breaks down into 5 sub-teams, 4 responsible for key design components of the car, and the commercial team. Here's some more information about each team's work and their members:

The SUbteams

Faaris Sheikh crop.jpg

Faaris Sheikh

Team Leader

Jake Choules crop.jpg

Jake Choules

Chief Engineer


The main objectives of the chassis and suspension sub-team are to obtain optimal vehicle dynamic behaviour while retaining high standards for driver safety. Having the correct chassis and suspension set up, including brakes and steering, will be crucial in defining the characteristics of how the vehicle will handle and will allow Sussex Racing to chase excellent performance. Implementing the correct safety features is a large part of what the chassis and suspension sub-team do to protect the driver in the event of an incident.

Massimo Montagna crop.jpg

Massimo Montagna

Head of Chassis and Suspension/ Chassis Design

Connor Davidian crop.jpg

Conor Davidian

Chassis Design

Kirean Rees crop.jpg

Kieran Rees

Head of Vehicle Dynamics and Steering

Joe Baker crop.jpg

Joe Baker

Brake Design

Faaris Sheikh crop.jpg

Faaris Sheikh

Suspension Design

Henry Moody crop.jpg

Henry Moody

Rear Upright Design

Jake Choules crop.jpg

Jake Choules

Suspension Design

Lizzie Pendleton crop.jpg

Lizzie Pendleton

Driver Ergonomics

Charlie Anthony crop.jpg

Charlie Anthony

Wheel Hubs and Tyre Data

Michael Solomon crop.jpg

Michael Solomon

Simulation Engineer

Omar Hassouna crop.jpg

Omar Hassouna

Wheel Hubs

Tharindu Thotahewage crop_1.jpg

Tharindu Thotahewage

Simulation Engineer

Ben Coekin crop.jpg

Ben Coekin

Impact Attenuator Design


The Powertrain team is tasked with designing and building an effective electric power system for the car. This covers both the mechanical features of the drivetrain and electrical aspects such as the motor and battery, with complex control systems coded through both the inverter and the ECU (electronic control unit). This will all need to be cooled due to the high voltage/ current in the unit,  meaning health and safety is our main focus through the build process.   

Stacey Clark crop.jpg

Stacey Clark

Head of Powertrain/
Motor and Testing

James Akehurst crop.jpg

James Akehurst

Shutdown Circuit and Low Voltage Electronics

Gabe Robertson crop.jpg

Gabe Robertson

Accumulator Design

Gabriella Kyriacou crop_1.jpg

Gabriella Kyriacou

Battery Box Design

Rowan Hartnoll crop.jpg

Rowan Hartnoll


Eli Bright crop.jpg

Eli Bright


Joven Alimambo crop.jpg

Joven Alimambo


Associated Systems

The associated systems umbrella all electronics which do not interact with the powertrain to directly drive the car. Broadly, this category spans the low voltage system, control system, sensors and charging system which all play vital roles in bringing the car together. For example, the control system provides harmonious data exchange between critical components which allows for more personalization, data capture and car diagnostics. Similarly, the sensors convert real world data into comprehendible information helping the team to assess performance and debug problems. On the other hand, the low voltage and charging system serve to keep the car running and take special considerations for safety and efficiency. The Sussex Racing car of 2022 will be equipped with the Universities most ambitious electronic assets to date.

Ollie Edwards crop.jpg

Ollie Edwards

Head of Associated Systems/Charging

Tom Cox crop.jpg

Tom Cox

Sensor Systems

Matt Smith crop.jpg

Matt Smith

Control Systems

Bruce Dux crop.jpg

Bruce Dux

Traction Control

Aerodynamics and COmposites

The main aim of the aerodynamics & composites team is to deliver a lightweight, sleek package that is designed to reduce drag as much as possible. Composite research and testing are a large aspect of the teams focus. We will aim to use the strongest, lightest materials possible whilst also being cost effective. This year we don’t intend to design or use front and rear wings due to their complexity of manufacture for a small performance benefit in real world use. However, we will ensure that our package is fit for the purpose.

Josh Louis crop.jpg

Josh Louis

Head of Aerodynamics and Composites/Cooling

Lily Wells crop2.jpg

Lily Wells

Undertray and Diffuser Design

Sam Ward crop.jpg

Sam Ward


Hannah Arras crop.jpg

Hannah Arras

Nose Cone Design

Ethan Campbell crop.jpg

Ethan Campbell

Barge Board Design

Wesly Yao crop.jpg

Wesley Yau

Composite Compliance Engineer

Commercial Team

This year's Commercial team is like none ever seen before at Sussex Racing. For the first time we have expanded to bring Business, Accounting and Marketing students into the team alongside engineering students and utilise their expertise. After a 3rd place finish in the business section of Formula Student last year, we aim to better that and take the top step of the podium in 2022.

Our primary function is to find, work with and develop relationships with partners and sponsors. The same sponsors which make Sussex Racing possible with invaluable technical and/or financial support.

Laurie Corbell 2.jpg

Laurie Corbel

Commercial Director

Harvey Bellett2.jpg

Harvey Bellett

Head of Purchasing

Hannah Arras commercial 2.jpg

Hannah Arras

Head of Members and Technicians

Michael Solomon commercial.jpg

Michael Solomon

Events Coordinator

professional for linkedin2_edited.jpg

Jack Woodcock

Graphic Design and Media