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Photo by~Malcolm Tam, Email~malcolta_hot

Our team structure breaks down into 5 sub-teams, 4 responsible for key design components of the car, and the commercial team. Here's some more information about each team's work and their members:

The SUbteams


Lucas Albery

Chief Mechanical Engineer

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Lukas Hastings

Team Leader


Dan Barclay

Chief Electrical Engineer

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The main objectives of the chassis sub-team is to obtain optimal vehicle dynamic behaviour while retaining high standards for driver safety. Having the correct chassis set up, including brakes and steering, will be crucial in defining the characteristics of how the vehicle will handle and will allow Sussex Racing to chase excellent performance. Implementing the correct safety features is a large part of what the chassis sub-team do to protect the driver in the event of an incident.

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Ralph Koenig

Head of Chassis
Chassis Design
Impact Attenuator Design

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Lazo Barzanji

Steering and Driver Ergonomics

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The Powertrain team is tasked with designing and building an effective electric power system for the car. This covers both the mechanical features of the drivetrain and electrical aspects such as the motor and battery, with complex control systems coded through both the inverter and the ECU (electronic control unit). This will all need to be cooled due to the high voltage/ current in the unit,  meaning health and safety is our main focus through the build process.   


Manuel Farro Nuñez

Head of Powertrain/


Lukas Hastings

Motor and Invertor Design

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Mark Labib

Battery Box

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Giles Gorman

Battery Box Design

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The main objective of the suspension sub-team is to design a race quality system that will adequately redistribute the large forces in order to maintain precision performance around race track corners.


Photis Photiou

Head of Suspension

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Joseph Montesanto

Suspension Design

Aerodynamics and COmposites

The main aim of the aerodynamics & composites team is to deliver a lightweight, sleek package that is designed to reduce drag as much as possible. Composite research and testing are a large aspect of the teams focus. We will aim to use the strongest, lightest materials possible whilst also being cost effective. 

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Alessandro Cappelli

Head of Aerodynamics 

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Larisa Vatafu

Front and Rear Wing Design

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Commercial Team

Our primary function is to find, work with and develop relationships with partners and sponsors. The same sponsors which make Sussex Racing possible with invaluable technical and/or financial support.


Lukas Hastings

Head of Purchasing

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Julia Chepurna

Social Media Manager

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Project Manager

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