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Sussex Racing Electric

Sussex Racing Electric is the Formula Student team representing the University of Sussex for the 2022 IMechE Formula Student UK competition.


Our team consists of 11 Masters Engineering students from various disciplines in their final year of study. Through the 20-21 campaign, the team will focus on testing and tuning the electric powertrain, maximizing its power output, cooling and charging capacity. The objective is to deliver a high-performance electric powertrain for the 2022 Sussex Racing car. We will be integrating our electric powertrain with the 2021 Sussex Racing Concept Class. 


Working closely with our team partners we hope to bring in new innovative parts to improve the overall performance of the car. Our motivated team will be working to complete this project alongside finishing their degree.

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Electric Formula Student

The number of electric vehicle entries in the competition has significantly increased in the last few years, with a record number of 33 vehicles registered to compete in the 2021 Silverstone Competition. 


The University of Sussex presented an electric car for the first time in 2019, achieving an impressive 37th out of 81. Since then, the car has been subjected to constant testing and evolution. From 2022 onwards, the university will present an electric car every 2 years, alternating each year between the Electric and ICE team. This will allow the team to have a development year in-between the competition helping to improve and maximise the car's performance. 

Meet the Team

Andrew Alexandre

Team Leader & Charging System

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Sarah Soloman

Deputy Team Leader & High Power Wiring

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Leopold Mutoro

Compliance Officer & Charging System

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Patrick Allende

Media Director & Motor Performance Testing

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Daniel Scales

Test Bench Sub-Team Leader & Cooling System Testing 

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Kishan Kanagarajah

Marketing Director & Battery Performance Testing

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Fredy Francis

High Voltage Battery Sub-Team Leader & Battery Container Design

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Ramtin Ghorbanikandelati

Logistics and Finance Director & Control System

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Samuel Fynn

Chief Electrical Engineer

& Control System

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Mohamed Elkashty

Health and Safety Officer

& Motor Cooling System

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Matthew Kirchin

Chief Mechanical Engineer & Battery Cooling System

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