SR21 First Quarter Technical Updates

Hear from the team as they give key updates on the technical progress of the SR21 so far.


At the beginning of the year, the team completed the drawings of tube lengths and notching profiles of the finalised chassis design. They were then passed on to Stedmark Ltd. and F1 Fabrications Ltd. to begin the manufacturing process.

At the same time in January our chassis engineer, Johann Vormadal, completed the roll hoop jigs; to ensure the final product was as accurate as possible. Pipecraft Innovations then used the jigs to bend and create the final design of both the front and rear roll hoops.

In early February the team then visited F1 Fabrications Ltd. in order to pass on the roll hoops and get updates on the chassis progress.

The chassis was completed early March and collected by our chassis engineer and team leader. The team wishes to send their thanks to Stedmark Ltd. and F1 Fabrications Ltd. for doing such a wonderful job.

Currently, the chassis is undergoing build stage 2, which will incorporate the engine, drivetrain & suspension mounting position. We are very close to having our rolling chassis!


The team have been working hard to complete the rolling chassis and manufacture our suspension. At the end of February, the front and rear wishbones were finalised by both Tav Thayalan and Ivan Reed.

Furthermore, the uprights, front spindles,

brakes & wheel hubs are well on their way to being completed.

Keep an eye on our social media pages at Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin to be the first to know when these parts are completed, as we get closer to final assembly the SR21!


The team have been using the University of Sussex's laser cutter to create prototypes of key Drivetrain components; such as the differential mounts, driven sprocket, and chain tensioner.

These models are extremely valuable for the team, to ensure moving forward that the designed parts will integrate with our other systems flawlessly.

The team again wishes to pass on their thanks to Stedmark Ltd., F1 Fabrications Ltd. and Pipecraft Innovations for their work in helping manufacture the SR21. Their knowledge, expertise and skills are extremely valuable to the team and their manufacturing ensures that the SR21 can take shape and follow the team's vision as we look forward to the summer.

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