Newsletter #1

Updated: Mar 9

Catch up with the Sussex Racing team in the first edition of our newsletter!

Welcome to Sussex Racing's all new newsletter for the 2020/21 period! We're excited to keep everyone up to date with all the latest from the team, and to have you along with us as we move forward.

The Merger of SAR Electric and Sussex Racing

As previously announced, Sussex Racing has now merged with the SAR Electric team. With the combined strength, resources and knowledge of both teams offering a major advantage to us as we move forward racing under the Sussex Racing brand.

With the team now alternating every year in producing an internal combustion or electric powered car; the division not creating a car have a year of development, allowing them to perfect their car design for the following year. This also allows them to lend their experience to the team which is entering the Formula Student competition, bringing their varied experience in to offer a different perspective in the design and build process. Speaking to the heads of both the internal combustion and electric divisions of the team, they were excited for what this merge means for the team moving forward:

“Integrating our teams under one Sussex racing brand brings together knowledge from a more diverse field of engineers to collectively push for a more competitive team at Silverstone.” Keith Summers, Team Leader for Sussex Racing Combustion Class 1 division

“The merge of the internal combustion engine and electric team, under Sussex Racing, allows the sharing of knowledge and skills from different multidisciplinary engineering backgrounds. Enhancing the prospect of a higher finish in future Formula Student competitions.” Andrew Alexandre, Team Leader for our new Sussex Racing Electric division

Visits from Richard Noble OBE

The team was fortunate enough to welcome back Richard Noble OBE as patron of Sussex Racing for the upcoming year, with Richard coming to campus twice to offer advice to the team and talk about his endeavours.

His first visit in October saw him give a presentation to the team, covering his work with Bloodhound project and more recent endeavours, as well as including some useful pointers for the team from his many years of expertise in managing big projects: ranging in topic from sponsorship to how best to manage and work with fellow team members. The second half of his visit involved a visit to our garage, where he studied our electric car prototype and some of our older IC models, as well as consulting with various different team members working on new parts for our upcoming 2021 car.

Richard’s second visit came in the last full week of term in December, where the team welcomed him back onto campus and into our garage to give an update on our various projects and how they have progressed since his last visit. Richard again offered some useful insights, feedback and tips to the team as we look towards the next phase of development for our 2021 car in the New Year.

Sponsor news: TTS Performance

Earlier in the term, the team were excited to announce a new sponsor in TTS Performance. Managed by Richard Albans, TTS is a performance tuning company, focusing on the development and installation of Rotrex superchargers and modified intake systems for virtually any application; having carried out 65 conversions over the past few years.

Back in October, Richard and TTS provided the team with the opportunity to visit and tour the TTS Performance base in Silverstone, whilst discussing further potential ideas for the Sussex Racing team’s powertrain; which could be tuned to increase the performance of our restricted CBR600RR engine.

The team are extremely grateful for the insights and support offered by TTS Performance, and are looking forward to continuing our partnership into next year.

Visit from Tom Hill

Mahindra Formula E engineer and championship winning racing driver Tom Hill visited the team a number of times this term to offer his expertise and guidance as they move forward into 2021.

Tom specialises in suspension kinematics, but also has experience with engine development, and is an experienced engineer with expertise in a vast number of areas. Tom also has the advantage of knowing the Formula Student event inside out, having himself competed in the

Alfa Romeo Twin-Spark Cup and GT Championship, having been competitively karting since the age of 6.

During his visits, Tom shared with us both his driving expertise and experience, giving an insight into what it’s like to drive a Formula Student vehicle and pushing it to its limits. He greatly helped the team with their vehicle dynamics characteristics and overall suspension design, giving the team the confidence to finalise their designs and move onto the manufacturing process.

The team want to thank Tom for his time and wisdom over the past term, and hope to carry on working with him in the future.

That's all the updates for now! Thank you for taking the time to catch up with the team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as we look towards 2021.

As always keep an eye on our socials on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates, and into the New Year as we start to introduce key members of the team.